We are committed to bring you various body shops products and provide you with the best of services that helps to set up your service centre/ body shops. Successfully set up over more than 1000 body shops in the past decade.

We offer Bodyshop & Workshop Products

One stop shop for all your solutions
  • 1Body Repair

    By launching the MPRS in 2003 we pioneered a technology that created a new level between the “hammer dolly” & the “crash repair system”.

  • 2Surface Preparation

    Dent Masters created a revolution in the process of surface preparation. Body shop express maintenance was never so easy and so fast.

  • 3Windscreen Service

    Removal of broken and unbroken windscreens was never as easy as it is today, thanks to the windscreen service tools from Dent Masters.

  • 4Brake Service

    A most unique combination of an electric brake bleeder and an On Car brake lathe for superior braking at all times

  • 5Lifting Equipment

    We provide a lifting solution for every situation. A complete range of fixed and portable lifting equipment.

  • 6 Charging System

    Automatic charging stations for the batteries which ensure the batteries are never overcharged.

  • 7 Wheel Service

    Make your balancing work easier and more accurate. State of the art wheel balancers with pneumatic clamping..

  • 8Pneumatic Tools

    The complete range of pneumatic tools covers every requirement of the body shop or mechanical workshop.

  • 9Plastic Repair

    Repair plastic bumpers, headlights, and most underbody plastics in the car. Increase repair revenue and reduce inventory costs.

  • 10Paint Equipment

    Clean your expensive spray guns in a state of the art gun cleaning machine. Ensure long life for your guns and your paint technicians.

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