Dedicated on-site training is our strength and is the USP of our company.

TrainingA simple philosophy of our company is that “No product sold by Dent Masters must be lying idle and unused”. Whatever the product, it must be used. In order that it is used, the people who are going to use it need to be trained well. This is the simple and basic philosophy that has taken us forward by leaps and bounds in the garage equipment industry.

We do not consider ourselves as just a supplier of tools and equipment, but furthering skills and imparting knowledge is a vital part of our contribution.

A small indication of this can be given by the example of the Infra-Red driers. This is a product that was not new to India when launched by us. Similar products were already on the market. Problem was that no one was aware of how they must be used. They were often used to dry clothes of the technicians.

We were able to offer dedicated training, training charts and information on distances and temperatures that nobody was aware of. It was Dent Masters dedicated on-site training for the infra-red driers that have changed the way the market looks at these driers today. The base for this was set up at that time in the year 2005. A similar approach is followed by us for all the products. No sale deal is complete, until the product training has been carried out.

Dent Masters has invested and set up their own training center that will be used for carrying out product trainings and skill contests for technicians from the various different dealerships of India. This will be used as a demonstration center to explain to customers the finer points of our products and also to facilitate the in house trainings of Dent Masters.