On-Car-Brake-LatheWhy Resurface Discs?

1. When Brake Pads are changed but new discs are not needed which is the case of at least 70% of the time.

2. There is evidence of brake vibration due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or excessive run-out.

3. Discs are corroded.

How it works:

The Pro-Cut lathe works on the vehicle, by attaching itself directly to the hub.

The technology includes an automatic, electronically-controlled gyroscope system, which measures run-out in the hub and corrects for this to an accuracy of 0.05mm.

The automatic surface machining of a disc is completed in around 4 minutes. The complete process takes less then 9 minutes per disc.

Benefits for the workshop:

  • Increases profit contribution by resurfacing discs when fitting new pads.
  • Delivers improved braking performance for customers and extends disc and pad life.
  • Eliminates brae vibration issues (and stops them returning)
  • Fixes noisy brakes (squeaks and squeals)
  • Cures brake efficiency imbalance.
  • Removes rust and corrosion.

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