Paint Trotter - Refinish

The Value of a Spray Booth is base on its flexibility and working capacity. The complete paint solution that improves the performance of small and medium repairs.

paint Trotter we create flexible working areas for more repairs to be done at the same time. No more vehicle movement in order to perform work in an specific area. paint Trotter goes directly to the job when it’s needed.

paint Trotter helps us to reduce preparation, painting and drying times for the small repairs. The easy use and mobility of the paint Trotter in the body shop, helps us optimize our time and see our productivity increasing.

paint Trotter high energy costs are finished. Thanks to its low consumption paint Trotter is the best tool in order to reduce small repair costs.

paint Trotter get more profitability in your small repairs. Low maintenance and operation cost make paint Trotter the best allied of an efficient body shop.

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