The range of infrared driers from Dent Masters is absolutely sate of the art and unique.

They are ideal for quick repairs and for increasing the production capacity of any body shop. Analog and digital versions are available. The products incorporate Proximity Detection System  (PDS) and temperature control mechanism which together with a simple digital control panel makes the end product extremely user friendly and can then be used by even semi skilled technicians.

Most of the repairs realized  in body shops are due to small and medium-size damages, mainly on front, back and lateral panels. Traditionally the spray booth is used to dry these small surfaces of the body, generating a “bottle neck” in the body shop and causing a loss of productivity.

Infrared systems emit different types of waves; long, medium and short. The main difference between the three types lies in the penetration depth of the paint cover.  Short wave emissions are the ones that most penetrate through the paint surface. Dent Masters Infra red lamps use this type of wave, since it reduces the drying time and the power consumption.

Unlike the spray booths, infrared  dryers prove to be more efficient on small body surfaces since they allow direct hear application on the treated piece.

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