The actual necessities of the automotive body shops include 5 important aspects:

  • Dent Masters Training CentreThe completion of quick hobs
  • Best quality finishes
  • Reduced cycle times due to elimination of unnecessary movement vehicles.
  • Lowest possible energy cost.
  • Respect for the environment.

Dent Masters Prep ‘N’ Spray Stations are economical solutions for Body Shops in need of a which and simple prep area. They enable the user to prepare and perform sanding jobs, surface preparations and minor paint work in the same ares making them perfect for small quick touch ups. Standard models are available in single or dual bay with an efficient infra red drier to speed up the drying process for filters, primers and paints to improve the overall quality of the finished product.

Dent Masters Prep ‘N’ Spray Stations from a crucial component of the refinish process. Shadow free lighting and efficient contaminant removal during the pre-finish steps are essential to producing a top quality finish for body shops that demand the best.

Multiple options and configurations ensures that Dent Masters has the right Prep Station for every shop GUARANTEED.

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