innovateBringing unique and innovative products is what we are best known for. Over the last 10 years we have continuously brought world class technology to the doorstep of the Indian car dealerships.

We have always looked to provide effective and practical tools to the workshops that will generate revenue and increase profits for the dealerships. One can see this from the choice of our products over the last many years.

2003: Launched the Miracle Panel Repair System. This has forever changed the way damaged cars have been repaired in India. Even after the introduction of cheaper imitations by some competitors, this still remains the single most sold panel repair system in the country since.

2005: We introduced Infra-red driers. Along with the MPRS this became a necessary package for all body shops. This was the beginning of the Quick repair process in the body shops.

2006: The windshield removal tool kit was initiated into the Indian market. Technicians were finally given an option to say goodbye to the age old method of cutting the urethane sealant with a wire. No more were damaged dashboards and roof linings a worry for body shops getting cars for windshield replacements.

2007: A pneumatic tool the remove and refit door skins. A unique tool that was unheard of until this time.

2008: Pro Cut, an on car brake lathe that was launched. This was a money spinner for all the workshops. The revenues generated by this machine are unbelievable. Touted by most managers as the most useful and profitable equipment in their workshop.

2009: This year saw the launch of the Cartar mobile hoist. The only lift of its kind in the world that could lift damaged cars and move them around to the work bay.

2010: India’s first state of the art Paint Prep Area with infra-red driers mounted on overhead rails. The seeds for this were sown in 2003 when the MPRS and the infra-red driers were made a package to initiate “Body shop Express maintenance”

2013: Launch of the Paint trotter. This is a mobile spray painting booth that doesn’t need to be fixed at one location. No ducting required. No diesel required. No worries for VOC emissions and perfectly suitable for water based paints. This is a painting solution for quick repairs that will take “Body shop Express maintenance” to the next level.

2014: A technical collaboration with Nussbaum of Germany has seen the most unique lifts in the world now installed in the BMW Group training center in Gurgaon.