Why Repair?

WindscreenRepairSave Money
Repair cost a lot less than a replacement glass.

Reduce Downtime
A repair takes an average of only 20 minutes, after which the vehicle can be used immediately.

Preventive Maintenance
Repair today and stop the risk of the damage spreading

Increase Revenue
Repairs can be sold as an added value service to an existing customer base.

Repairs help to keep your vehicles looking clean, tidy & well maintained at minimal cost.

Windscreens are repaired in-situ,
so there are none of the problems such as water leaks that are associated with windscreen replacement.

What type of windscreens can be repaired:
All laminated windscreens, clear or tinted, heated or unheated can be repaired in cars, coaches and commercial vehicles.

What type of damage can be repaired
Bullseye, star breaks, combination breaks and short cracks can be repaired

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