Lift & Move Mobile HoistIn today’s modern Repair shop, the Cartar Mobile Hoist provides a safe and cost effective system for moving damaged cars. The Cartar FL 125 is the truly mobile hoist that allows you to elevate a damaged car from ground height and move that car and hoist safely around your workshop. There are many hoists that are portable, but once the car is elevated, they become a static fixture. Only the Carta Mobile Hoist is truly mobile.

Mobile Hoist Technology

Every workshop today has a space constraint. There are a limited number of two post/four post hoists and almost daily the technicians have to list the cars onto little stands and work by sleeping under the car. Many a times the insurance surveyors require a damage card to be lifted for inspection, and therefore the car has to be “dragged” to a two post lift by 3 to 4 technicians (which may or may not be free). Also in some workshops there is a problem of inadequate ceiling heights.

Lift and move your shop to higher profits and productivity with the cartar mobile hoist.

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