Getting ready for the next paint job is Quick and Easy with AUTOMATIC WASHING

1. Load the stainless steel tank with dirty guns and pots.

2. Activate the wash, simply by turning one timer. In under 60 seconds, your guns and pots are clean and ready for action. Streams of solvent from jets and nozzles wash paint from the inside and outside of guns and pots.

3. Washed solvent returns to Wash Pail for reuse.


  • Enhanced Cleaning Cycle consisting of Wash, Air Flush, Clean Rinse and Air Flush
  • Cleans Two Spray Guns and Two Pots
  • 15 Swirl Action Jets
  • Manual Cleaning: Flow Through Brush, Clean Solvent flow activated by Foot Pedal
  • Built-In Vent for Automatic Fume Extraction with Vent Control
  • Includes Non-corrosive HDPE Pail for easy visibility of the solvent level.

Download (PDF, 58KB)

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